Reporting suspicious activity in the neighborhood

Residents have given us recent reports of suspicious activity in Clair Hills in the past two weeks (egging, lurking around vehicles and people ringing doorbells, then running away).  Please be sure to report any suspicious or criminal activity to the police:

For emergencies, please dial 911
For non-emergencies, please dial (519) 653 7700  to contact the Waterloo Regional Police Service

This is also a time to remind residents that the best prevention for vehicle theft/break-in is to lock vehicles and make it more difficult for the individuals out looking for easy targets. Valuables such as money, GPS devices and sporting equipment should be placed in a trunk or out of sight to help deter a person stealing them as there is nothing in “Plain View”.

After reporting issues to the police, please feel free to let CHCA know of these incidents by emailing so that we can be kept in the loop as well.