Neighbourhood Reps

This Neighbourhood Rep program is funded in part by the City of Waterloo’s Neighbourhood Matching Fund.

Street Name Rep
Altheim Crescent  Season Tompkins-NR Coordinator
Avignon Place
Bamberg Crescent  Tanya Romantsov
Bernay Drive  Lisa Stuart
Brandenburg Blvd  Nesar Ahmed
Brandenburg Court  Paula Rick
Brandenburg Place
Chablis Drive Dori Mueller
Frieburg Drive
Innsbruck Place  Kara Botelho
Interlaken Drive Jaime Harland
Karlsfeld Road
Keats Way
Klosters Drive  Beata Harris
Lausanne Crescent  Caitlin Smith
Lucerne Ave Jenny &  JP Bhavnani
Montpellier Drive
Munich Circle  Diana Clipsham
Paris Blvd  Pooneh Ghaffari-Aultman
Rhine Fall Drive  Breanna Swanson
Rhineland Place  Kara Botelho
Salzburg Drive  Wes Worlsfold
Sauve Crescent  Angela Clancy
St. Anton Court  Kara Botelho
St. Armand Drive Dori Mueller
St. Moritz Ave Margaret Wilton
Winterburg Walk  Resident
Zermatt Drive
Zurich Drive  Geoffrey Moon

About the Neighbourhood Rep Program:

The Neighbourhood Rep (NR) program encourages community volunteerism and ensures all Clair Hills residents have the opportunity to be informed and educated about the services the CHCA offers. If you would like to become a NR, please fill out our contact form below:

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How it Works:

Each NR is responsible for a designated area in Clair Hills. Ideally the area includes the personal street of the NR and any surrounding streets that require support. Once assigned to a street(s), the NR then carries out the following responsibilities:

  • Delivers Welcome Packages to new residents, as required
  • Monitors house sales and notifies CHCA when a welcome package is required
  • Delivers the Clair Hills Connection (printed newsletter) door to door, twice annually
  • Notifies the CHCA of any issues on their street(s). Examples can include recurring bylaw infractions, unusual activity such as car break ins or prowlers already reported to police, safety concerns such as traffic, etc.
  • Attends a minimum of one CHCA meeting per year

Roles of the CHCA:

  • The CHCA will provide training materials and in-person training (when required) to ensure each NR understands their responsibilities and has the tools and resources to carry out their duties.
  • The CHCA will provide regular communications with NRs to ensure they are up-to-date on all CHCA activities and changes. The CHCA will share meeting minutes and extend all regular meeting invites to NRs.
  • The CHCA will provide each NR with a copy of the welcome package including the CHCA tote bag. The CHCA will provide an email address, magnetic nametag and access to its electronic file share on Dropbox.
  • The CHCA will include NRs in annual volunteer appreciation activities.

 Volunteer Expectations:

  • Deliver welcome packages and newsletters in a timely manner, or as specified by the CHCA.
  • Promote the CHCA and act as an ambassador to educate residents about CHCA services, communications and special events.
  • Contact the CHCA if they are no longer able to maintain their volunteer commitment. The CHCA understands the challenges of a busy lifestyle. If you cannot commit to the role, simply send us an email or give us a call.

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