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Teresa Martin, CHCA Advertising Coordinator

Teresa Martin (far right) volunteers her time at the annual CHCA Fall Fun Fest.

Teresa Martin (far right) volunteers her time at the annual CHCA Fall Fun Fest.

The Clair Hills Community Association would like to recognize the valuable contributions of its community members and volunteers each month.

For the month of December we are featuring our very own Advertising Coordinator, Teresa Martin. Teresa is lending a hand by helping coordinate our first ever Holiday event. This event is designed to bring residents together to celebrate the season with some free hot drinks and holiday cookies. It’s also an opportunity for residents to donate to StuffIn Stockings. Teresa has ensured all the logistical details are taken care of and has even been able to book a special guest …. SANTA! When Teresa’s not helping coordinate events, she manages the advertising for the Clair Hills Connection newsletter.

Bio: I moved to Waterloo in 2004 after I got married. I moved here from a town east of Toronto that I had lived in my whole life. Moving here was a big change for me. I was completely out of my element and knew very few people. In 2010, after having our 2 girls, my husband and I decided we were quickly outgrowing our home so we bought a new house in Clair Hills.

Why I Volunteer: After moving here I decided that I wanted my kids to grow up in the kind of neighbourhood that I had grown up in. I wanted us to know our neighbours and be a part of the bigger community. I attended the Fall Fun Fest with my girls and was introduced to my first CHCA event. I was happy to learn that there was a community association that was working to help provide a connected community.  There was an announcement made at the FFF that the CHCA was looking for volunteers to help out with community events and so I signed up. I knew that these types of events took a lot of planning and since I enjoyed attending with my family I thought it only fair to see if I could help out.

What I like about Volunteering with the CHCA: The CHCA is made up of very hardworking and dedicated volunteers. It was amazing to me to see the relatively small group of core volunteers that plan and execute large scale community events. I enjoy being part of the team that helps to bring great services and family events to our community. The board and volunteers of the CHCA really make volunteering with them easy. There is amazing support and things are really accomplished as a team. Volunteering with the CHCA keeps me connected to what’s happening right here in my own neighbourhood.

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